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Our evolution

Almost 70 years have passed since this company was first established. A project started in 1941, which has marked milestones over the years and turned SYVA into one of the most outstanding national laboratories in the sector. (More information about Our evolution...)

Profile and objectives

Laboratorios SYVA is dedicated to researching and manufacturing veterinary products that are effective in the prevention and control of animal diseases. (More information about Profile and objectives...)

Production plants

The opening of the new production plant, which occupies 11,000 m2, will enable SYVA to multiply its production capacity. (More information about Production plants...)

Global presence

The extensive experience of Laboratorios SYVA in researching, developing and manufacturing veterinary medicines has placed the company in a prominent position both nationally and internationally. Currently, we are present in over 50 countries world wide. (More information about Global presence...)

Laboratorios Syva S.A.U.
HEADQUARTERS: Av. Párroco Pablo Díez, 49-57 - 24010 León (Spain) - Tel. 987 800 800 - Fax 987 802 452
IMMUNOLOGICAL PLANT: Av. Portugal, s/n - Parc. M15 y M16 - Parque Tecnológico - 24009 León (Spain)
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