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Our evolution

1941 SYVA was established

Although the origins of the company group IAPSA date back to 1898, the history of Laboratorios SYVA did not begin until 1941.

The knowledge contributed by the illustrious men of science of the Veterinary Faculty of León was crucial to the beginnings of the company.

Such illustrious people as Santos Ovejero del Agua, the first Technical Director of SYVA, Miguel Cordero del Campillo, the most important figure in the field of Veterinary Science and Humanities or Ángel Sánchez Franco, a renowned prestigious parasitologist, all played an important scientific role in the initial stages.

Pioneers in the manufacture of sera and vaccines against Swine Fever, Erysipelas, Haemorrhagic Septicaemia...

Research work began immediately, and also the production of sera and vaccines for cattle–which is what the letters S.Y.V.A. stand for in Spanish–, in particular, against Swine Fever, Erysipelas or Haemorrhagic Septicaemia.

By this time, the SYVA Vademecum already contained over thirty specialities against the most important infectious diseases.

Laboratorios Syva S.A.U.
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