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Health, safety and environment policy

Laboratorios SYVA, S.A.U. is a trustworthy and dynamic pharmaceutical company that delivers solutions for continuous improvement of animal health, creating value through its human team commitment and capacity.

Top management, due to its personal convictions, also wants to develop its activity improving safety conditions and with the minimum possible impact on the environment, hence voluntarily adopting the following commitments

  • Provide required resources for the development of a health, safety and environment management system inspired in ISO 45001:2018 and ISO 14001:2015 standards, not only from the financial and human resources point of view but also through the integration of the system in all the chain of command, making every level actively participate according to their possibilities and responsibilities.
  • Take a mainly preventive focus, for both eliminating (or reducing where not possible) labour risks and preventing pollution and resources consumption.
  • Set targets, within the management system framework, that enable guidance of the organization in the improvement of risks prevention and pollution reduction.
  • Fulfill not only safety and environmental legal requirements, but also any other voluntary commitments that might be agreed with interested external parties.
  • Make the system focused not only to a simple maintenance of the level, but to a true performance improvement.
  • That workers in general and their representatives in special be active participants of the system and let them contribute with their ideas and opinions.

We want the publication of our health, safety and environment policy to be a first invitation for our workers, contractors, vendors and customers to collaborate with us in the safety labor conditions and environmental protection improvement.

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