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4th May 2012

A doctoral thesis on Swine Dysentery was the winner

The 2012 SYVA AWARD ceremony took place on Friday the 27th of April 2012. This award, which has now reached its 15th edition, grants a prize of 15.000 Euros to the best Doctoral Thesis that was presented during 2011 in the field of Animal Health.

The jury of SYVA Award 2012 has decided that the winning thesis of this edition is the one written by Dr. Alvaro Hidalgo Claw, entitled as “Brachyspira hyodysenteriae: antibiotic susceptibility and molecular epidemiology of Brachyspira spp. in dogs."

THE AWARD CEREMONY was held in the auditorium of the Faculty of Veterinary Medicine. The event had a special significance this year thanks to the participation of Dra. Carmen Vela Olmo (State Secretary of R&D of the Spanish Ministry of Economy) and Dr. Jorge Blanco Alvarez (Director of LREC: E. coli Reference Laboratory of the University of Santiago de Compostela). Dr. Blanco imparted an interesting lecture entitled: "Emergency of E. coli clones, highly virulent and multi-resistant.”

Luis Bascuñán Herrera, General Director of SYVA, spoke about the important dissemination and prestige attained by this Award, which has now reached its 15th edition. He also stressed the high scientific qualification of the 25 Thesis that competed this year at SYVA AWARD 2012. Mr. Bascuñán especially praised the quality of the winning thesis, and the extraordinary curriculum of its author: Dr. Hidalgo Claw.

Finally, he explained that the Faculty of Veterinary Medicine of Leon was appointed this year to host the Award Ceremony, to highlight one more time the indissoluble relationship between SYVA AWARD to the Best Doctoral Thesis and the scientific community in Animal Health.

Later, Dra. Luisa de Arriba Martin, Secretary of the Jury, proceeded to read the minutes of the meeting of the Qualification Jury, and forwarded the intervention to Dr. Alvaro Hidalgo Claw, author of the winning thesis, who thanked the Award to both Laboratories SYVA and the University of León.

Dra. Carmen Vela Olmo spoke later to express her gratitude to both Laboratorios SYVA and the University of Leon of granting her the opportunity to resume her contact with the Animal Health, a field where she has worked throughout his career in private enterprises. She talked about her task as State Secretary of reducing the State budget in R&D, and focusing the available resources in projects where excellence is the prime criteria. She is also in favor of the close collaboration between research teams, administrations and private enterprises.

Dr. Jorge Blanco Alvarez, gave a brilliant lecture on the emergence of new strains of highly virulent and multi-resistant E. coli, such as those that caused last year's famous "crisis of cucumbers" in Germany. He stressed the importance of further research in this field from the point of view of Animal and Human Health, carried out coordinated with the various international experts.

The ceremony was closed by Dr. Jose Angel Hermida Alonso, Rector of the University of Leon, who described Syva Award as the most important one granted in the Animal Health field in our country. He also highlighted the close cooperation between SYVA and the University of Len over the years, not only what SYVA Award is concerned, but also in research projects and in recruitment by Syva of graduates and doctors of the University of Leon.

The award included a wide coverage of media, both general and specialized (newspapers, magazines, televisions and radios).

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