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17th September 2010

BENZATARD from Laboratorios Syva indicated in swine

Laboratorios Syva makes available for the professionals of the swine industry the product BENZATARD, an association of a fast action Benzylpenicillin Procaine (150.000 UI/ml) and a long acting Benzylpenicillin Benzathine (150.000 UI/ml).

One single dose of BENZATARD is effective to achieve the therapeutic effect. The product is specially indicated for the treatment of streptococcus disease and swine erysipelas.

BENZATARD is indicated in swine, dogs, cats and horses. The dosage in swine is 1 ml/25 kg of body weight in a single dose. BENZATARD is available in vials of 100 ml.

Reg. Nº: 589-ESP

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