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14th January 2015

Syvazul 1, bluetongue virus vaccine by Syva

Laboratorios Syva, committed to fighting and the prophylaxis of Bluetongue disease, has registered SYVAZUL® 1, an inactivated vaccine protecting against Bluetongue Virus (BTV) serotype 1.

SYVAZUL® 1 prevents viraemia and reduces clinical signs and lesions caused by serotype 1 of bluetongue virus. Cattle vaccination can start at two months of age by administering two doses with a three-week interval. In sheep, it is possible to vaccinate animals with a single dose after three months of age if they are born from non-immunized mothers or with two doses with a three-week interval if they are born from immunized mothers. Duration of immunity is 12 months so revaccination consists of 1 yearly single dose.

Laboratorios Syva is the national pioneer in research and immunization against bluetongue, one of the most relevant diseases for ruminants across Europe. Already in 1958, Syva provided a vaccine called "bluetongue vaccine" and in 2006 would receive the permission to commercialize SYVAZUL® 4, the first vaccine against this virus registered in Spain. In December 2007, Laboratorios Syva was awarded, from the Ministry of Agriculture, Fisheries and Food, the Silver Plate Award to agricultural merit thanks to its contribution against this disease.

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