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4th May 2015

XVIII Syva Award ceremony for Best Doctoral Thesis in Animal Health

A research from the University of Extremadura in infections of populations of wild boar, received the 2015 SYVA Award for best doctoral thesis in Animal Health, worth 15,000 €.

Laboratorios Syva held on April 28th 2015 the XVIII edition of Syva Award Ceremony for Best Doctoral Thesis in Animal Health, which was awarded to the research project "Characterization of infections in wild boar populations of Spanish southwest region" presented by Dr. David Risco Perez, who belongs to the Infectious Diseases Department of the Veterinary Faculty of Caceres.

The award, for which compete thesis from Spain, Portugal and Mexico, is the result of an agreement between the University of León (ULE) and Laboratorios Syva, in order to promote scientific education among university students.

The ceremony was held at the Faculty of Veterinary Science of Leon and was chaired by the Rector of the University of León, Dr. José Ángel Hermida Alonso.

During the inauguration, Dr. Luis Bascuñán Herrera, Managing Director of Laboratorios SYVA, highlighted some points of the awarded thesis, defending the relevance of such studies covering animal, human and environmental health; and grouped these into a single renown concept: One Health. In a world where humans and animals share pathogens and a high percentage of emerging human diseases have a zoonotic origin; International One Health movement, working as a paradigm in health research, highlights the need to find a common approach with no lines that differ between human and veterinary medicine.

After Dr. Maria Luisa de Arriba Martin, Secretary of the Jury, read the memorandum of the meeting of the selection board; she gave way to the intervention of the winning researcher Dr. David Risco Perez, who expressed his high desire to qualify for this prestigious international award after ending his veterinary degree (2009). As anecdote about his research, "Characterization of infections in wild boar populations of Spanish southwest region" said Dr. Risco's thesis, at first, planned to be about respiratory diseases in pigs, but the results found in the “monterías” (hunting) visited and analyzed during these years of work, led to new lines of research that formed the final thesis. This work meant a breakthrough in the study of wild boar as a reservoir of diseases, specifically Brucella and tuberculosis, and its implications for human health; besides establishing synergism between different pathogens and detect an obvious parallel of wild boar with domestic pig.

Dr. César Chamorro, Director of the Institute of Animal Health and Livestock Development, began the second part of the event with the presentation of two speakers who addressed the Ebola virus from two complementary areas: the virus as zoonosis and as a human health alert.

The conference "Zoonosis by Ebola and Marburg Filovirus " given by Prof. Dr. Elias F. Rodriguez Ferri, Professor of Animal Health (Microbiology and Immunology) of the University of Leon; was followed by the conference of Fernando Simon, Director of Coordination Centre Health Alerts and Emergencies of the Ministry of Health, Social Services and Equality titled "Health Risks and Crisis: The International Ebola alert."

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