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12th May 2016

The XIXth Syva Award to the best doctoral thesis in the field of animal health presented to Dr. Corral for her work on the treatment of leishmaniasis with allicin

Dr. María Jesus Corral Caridad, of the Complutense University of Madrid, has received the 2016 SYVA Award for Best Doctoral Thesis in Animal Health, endowed with 15,000 €

On May 10 Syva Laboratories celebrated the XIXth Edition of the Syva Award for Best Doctoral Thesis in Animal Health, presented in recognition of the research study entitled "Antileishmanial activity of Allicin: mechanism of action, in vitro efficacy and value in combined therapy with Amphotericin B" undertaken by Dr. Maria Jesus Corral Caridad at the Complutense University of Madrid. Any doctoral thesis defended in Spain, Portugal and Mexico in the field of animal health during the previous academic year can be submitted for evaluation as a candidate to receive the prize. The Syva Award endowed with 15,000 €, is the result of an accord between the University of León (ULE) and Syva Laboratories, to promote the scientific education of university students.

The award ceremony took place at the Faculty of Veterinary Medicine of León and was presided by the Rector of the University of Leon, Dr. D. Juan Francisco Garcia Marin.

At the inauguration, Dr. D. Victor de la Puente, in his first appearance as the new CEO of Syva, reviewed de activity of Syva that, with a turnover of 42 million euros in 2015, finds itself in full expansion and plans to inaugurate a new beta-lactam penicillin production plant. Dr. De la Puente also highlighted how the support of the University of Leon, and the citizens of Leon in general, have played a key role in the Syva's development, which this year celebrates its 75th anniversary. Lastly, he payed homage to Dr. D. Luis Bascuñan, former CEO of the company and creator of the Syva Award, presenting him with a plaque personalized with his image.

Dr. Maria Luisa de Arriba Martin, Secretary of the Board of the Selection Committee proceeded to read the minutes of the decision meeting held by such Committee (comprised of five full professors of animal health). After the presentation of the award, Dr. Maria Jesus Corral provided a brief summary of her work and emotionally thanked her family and colleagues for their support, and her Thesis Advisor for teaching her to love her profession as a researcher.

Dr. D. Elias F. Rodriguez, Professor of Animal Health (Microbiology and Immunology), at University of Leon, introduced the keynote speaker describing his illustrious career. He noted that the entire veterinary sector was indebted to Dr. Vallat because all veterinarians had at some point benefited from his achievements. In addition, Professor Rodriguez Ferri remarked the uniqueness of the Syva Award, as an absolute best in class within the animal health industry in Europe.

Dr. Bernard Vallat, Honorary Director General of the World Organization for Animal Health (OIE) held a conference on "Global Prevention of Antimicrobial Resistance in the Animal Realm," in the framework of "One World, One Health." Throughout his presentation, Dr. Vallat insisted on the key role of veterinarians, and therefore of professional veterinary associations, for insuring the prudent and reasonable use of antimicrobials worldwide. In our global context, where the expected increase in the population is predicted to increase demand for animal proteins by more than 50% by 2030, more than 120 countries do not have an appropriate method for controlling the production, import and distribution of drugs and the vast majority of antibiotics used worldwide in the animal sector is not under veterinary supervision.

The fight against antimicrobial resistance cannot be effective without policies implemented at national, regional and global levels. Dr Vallat reviewed the list of rules and other actions of the OIE to combat antimicrobial resistance; aimed at, among other objectives, the prudent use of antibiotics, methods of monitoring their use at a national level and the methods of analysis and detection.

Among the conclusions of his paper, Dr Vallat stressed the need for cooperation between Intergovernmental Organizations, citing that the World Health Organization adopted in 2015 the Global Plan of Action for humans and animals, that respects the rules and guidelines of the OIE; forming the Tripartite OIE-FAO-WHO under the heading of "One World, One Health".

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